Sunday, March 3, 2013

Insert witty Blog title post here

Alright, so here goes...after lurking endlessly on other fabulous blogs of gorgeous women who have had three babies and still look like super models yet still find time to apply precise eye makeup, create innovative DIY projects, and cook healthy,home-cooked meals for their husbands who look like Brad Pitt, I decided to hop on board the blog band wagon myself and insert my own everyday, proudly nerdy, and perfectly un-perfect life to the information highway (does anybody call it that anymore, ha?)
 But really, I am beginning this silly little journey because I have always felt the need to write since I was a little one mahself, and what better way to do it these days, eh? So Kelly, what's this shin-dig all about, you ask? (shin-dig - another indication of my hopeless nerdiness) anywhooo...This little baby will be an outlet for me to talk about how super awesome my 2 year old little boy is, because I don't want to miss a moment as he grows up in the blink of an eye! Also I am an aspiring children's librarian (oh yeah, that's right, there are people who WANT to be librarians still, and yes, you have to go to college to be one) who is endlessly stalking other sweet blogs like this and this as I venture into the only job I have ever loved and learn how to put my own spin on it. It is so fulfilling and awesome to have a job that you actually want to go to everyday...I highly recommend it ;) I also adore clothes (mostly the kind that I can't afford) so I just indulge my Pinterest addiction and tuck those away on carefully composed and organized boards of things I will most likely never own. Well that's lame, you say? Ah, but I have a special power some say, and that is the power to thrift! I'm a very seasoned and skilled Goodwill shopper and some of my favorite (and most complimented) pieces in my closet are from this very fine establishment where I try to recreate said outfits. Don't hate, participate! Gah- I know, this awesomeness is blowing your mind isn't it? One thing this blog will not provide is makeup tutorials. I am completely and utterly hopeless in this department and if you have any suggestions (or free lessons!) I am a very willing student. Appearances may be made by the witty sayings and stories of the love of my life, the Hubs, who has been the peanut butter to my jelly for almost 10 years. Side note - Speaking of witty sayings, as I just read this intro for husband approval, and I stated that no one will read this because I don't have sponsors or giveaways, to which he so quickly responded "Give stuff away, we have a whole garage full of stuff - who wants a white jean jacket?" Ha, told you he was funny. Anyway, I forgot to mention my MIL lives with us, which is where such a prized giveaway like a 1980's jean jacket would come from ( and there's MUCH more where that came from...the story and the garage full of crap I mean "valuables"). Anyhow, that's just the tip of the iceberg on this exciting life-o-mine. To sum it up, I lose stuff alot (it's genetic, I blame my mom), I talk too much, I have been going to college for about 500 years, my house is sometimes messy,and I love my bunch of crazies. I  hope you'll join the fun, because maybe you are a little bit like me too :)

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